Updates on my GSoC project: week 17 of August

I am happy to announce that I have finished the transition from Boost serialization to cereal and my pull request has entered the review process. The review process will take up to two weeks to finish and have cereal get merged in mlpack master. During the last weeks, I have added a version system for all serialize functions in order to support versioning in mlpack classes. I have also fixed errors in the pointers wrappers and the array_wrapper.hpp classes, added some documentations, and fixing data set from being serialized in the entire trees.

This refactoring was an important step in this project. The objective of cereal is to reduce the size of mlpack binaries, and to make the compiling process easier since we are removing the linking requirement for an external library. The support for embedded system is on the way, and can be found here, we will get into this once we have cereal merged and mlpack 4.0 released.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this post for this week and as usual, if you want to discuss ideas feel free to catch me on IRC, or leave a comment on these pull requests if you have any opinion on this work.

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