Updates on my GSoC project: week 13 of July

It has been a while since I did not update my GSoC blog. During that time, I have made a significant progress on my project.

Indeed, I am happy to announce that my pull request which can be found here has been merged. We have successfully replaced boost program options by CLI11. The header-only CLI11 has been also included directly into the source code of mlpack as a one header file.

This is the first part of my GSoC project that has been merged to mlpack master directly. From the user perspective, an improved in compilation time and linking time should be noticed. Also it should be a bit easier to install mlpack since we have removed the first major dependency. For next week, I will do a compilation test and update my blog with test results to see the total time we have gained with CLI11.

The work is still moving forward. In the meanwhile, I am working on cereal pull request hoping that this one will get merged in the next couple of weeks.

Finally, another pull request which is not related directly to GSoC project got merged in ensmallen. Now you can use lambda inside the EarlyStopAtMinLoss callback. For example, it is possible to calculate and print loss at the validation dataset. There is also an example on the website of ensmallen and another pull request that updates the example repository of mlpack.

As usual, if you want to discuss ideas feel free to catch me on IRC, or leave a comment on these pull requests if you have any opinion on this work.

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